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I had the pleasure of teaching clay face jug workshops at the Wheatland Music Organization's Traditional Arts Weekend in May of 2019, and again in 2022, with my potter friend, Rita Shields. We had SO MUCH FUN! Look at their beautiful handiwork!


During the summer of 2018, I was an "Art on the Meadow" instructor at the Art Institute of Chicago's Ox-bow School of Art in Saugatuck. I taught a class for children entitled "Painting and Drawing in the Landscape". We learned all about impressionist painters!


Douglas Elementary School "Visiting Artist Program"
2018 and 2023

Students at Douglas Elementary School hand-built, decorated, and glazed ceramic plates that we fired their photographs onto using an iron-oxide decal transfer process.

Douglas Elementary School

"Visiting Artist Program"


For this project, 4th graders went to the school garden and selected leaves that were appealing to them and pressed them into clay. The kids glazed and fired their ceramic leaves, and then we laid them into concrete stepping stones that went back into the garden!

Douglas Elementary School

"Visiting Artist Program"


For this project, I showed the 4th graders how to connect 2 pinch pots to form a clay ball that they could shape into any animal or creature of their choosing! We also put little pieces of clay inside of their creations so that they rattled after they were finished.

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